Bed and Breakfast
Casa Manfredi to Manfredonia

The B&B is located in the historic center of Manfredonia- the city founded by King Manfredi, near by the sea and the Swabian Castle Angioino.
Casa Manfredi was created after a careful restoration of the historic Palazzo Cafarelli. It is an eighteenth-century building with fine shelves under the balconies and a unique Romanesque cornice. It has two entrances: one has a characteristic courtyard (via delle Cisterne), and the other a gate with a stylish portal (Corso Manfredi).
The complex consists in 3 rooms on the first floor. The rooms have high cross vaults and colorful gravel floors from that period. And it is precisely from the uniqueness of the old flooring that the design idea for the rooms comes to life: the chromaticism of the floors in the rooms becomes the creative concept of the furniture.

Our B&B is "unique" for quality, comfort and design.

Emotional Rooms

Each room has been designed with a very personal style, thanks to them chromatic references and the targeted architectural design, to an intertwining of well-being and emotions that guests will immediately feel. And if the moods, like the rooms, pass through and intersect, here is the idea of the plasterboard snake, which from time to time intertwines with different elements, wood, concrete or brick, and with different colours and functions is the common element of all the rooms.

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