Carnevale di Manfredonia

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64th edition of the Carnival of Manfredonia

The Carnival of Manfredonia typical event of our city, filling the streets of large and masked children, also there will be parades of masked groups, floats and fun for the entire city until late at night. But that’s not all, in addition to all this there will be numerous guests of national caliber, two out of every Simone Ventura and Gabry Ponte, unique and rare that is worth following. Book a news in our B & B you will be in the center of the 64th edition of the Carnival Dauno.

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Foresta Umbra

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The Foresta Umbra Nature Reserve is a protected area located within the Gargano National Park. It extends in the east-central area of Gargano, about 800 meters above sea level.

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San Giovanni Rotondo

San Giovanni Rotondo is the name of a city and comune in the province of Foggia and region of Apulia, in southern Italy.

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Gargano events

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Gargano is a historical and geographical sub-region in the province of Foggia, Apulia, southeast Italy, consisting of a wide isolated mountain massif made of highland and several peaks and forming the backbone of the Gargano Promontory projecting into the Adriatic Sea, the “spur” on the Italian “boot”. The high point is Monte Calvo at 1,065 m (3,494 ft). Most of the upland area, about 1,200 km2 (460 sq mi), is part of the Gargano National Park, founded in 1991. It is within the Italian Province of Foggia.

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Vieste is a town, comune and former Catholic bishopric in the province of Foggia, in the Apulia region of southeast Italy. A marine resort in Gargano, Vieste has received Blue Flags for the purity of its waters from the Foundation for Environmental Education. The area covered by the commune is included in the Gargano National Park.

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Monte Sant’ Angelo

Monte Sant’Angelo is an Italian town of 12,719 inhabitants in the province of Foggia in Puglia, famous for the shrine of St Michael the Archangel (UNESCO World Heritage), is the destination of pilgrimages of Christians since the sixth century. You Authority headquarters of the Gargano National Park.

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Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore di Siponto

The basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore of Siponto, commonly known as the Basilica of Siponto was the ancient cathedral of Siponto, erected in 1977 in minor basilica by Cardinal Corrado Ursi as representative of Pope Paul VI. The basilica is dedicated to Our Lady of Siponto. Read More

Cattedrale di Manfredonia

The Cathedral of Manfredonia is dedicated to St. Lorenzo Maiorano, patron of the city. In it are preserved the relics of the saint and the icon of Our Lady of Siponto.

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Castello di Manfredonia

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The castle of Manfredonia is a military structure of the Swabian-Angevin-Aragonese period, located in the town of Manfredonia, facing the sea.

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Basilica of Siponto wire mesh

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14 meters high, weighing 7 tons, which cost 900 thousand euro. The work of Edward Tresoldi is almost a hologram. An original meeting between archeology and contemporary art, the landmark or landscape, of Puglia in the Santa Maria area of Siponto in Manfredonia, in the province of Foggia, has changed.

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